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    Protecting information, systems and people

  • Our vision is a cyber resilient business community.


    A holistic risk based approach to cybersecurity is the most effective way to ensure your information, systems and people are safe from increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals as well as insider threats.


    Drawing on over 15 years of experience providing IT services and strategy to the Canberra private sector across a diverse range of industries, we work with business stakeholders and internal or outsourced IT teams to ensure you are secured in alignment with your business goals and risk appetite.

  • Our Services


    Are your risks identified and documented?

    Do you know where your security gaps are?

    Establish a baseline to determine how best to improve your defences.


    Cybersecurity risks exist across your entire business.

    Build a holistic strategy focused on continuous improvement to mitigate your risk and ensure you remain protected against emerging threats.


    Do your staff and suppliers treat your information like it was their own?

    Schedule regular security awareness training to educate your people on their role in your businesses cybersecurity strategy.


    Businesses don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.

    Planning for cyber incidents can greatly reduce the impact they have on your organisation and your bottom line.

  • Technology isn't the only answer.


    Cybersecurity isn't just about technology based solutions.
    A multi-layered defence consists of securely configured technology in conjunction with proper governance of IT systems, risk identification and management, information classification and management and most importantly of all, training the people using your systems to think in a cyber-first mindset.
    All of these are all crucial to improving your cyber resilience and when implemented correctly they combine to significantly reduce both your exposure to cyber risks and the impact of a cyber incident, which in turn protects your bottom line and reputation.
  • St John Ambulance ACT

    “Blue Phoenix was engaged by St John Ambulance ACT to review and upgrade our IT systems as part of an overall digitisation project. Sasha successfully moved our organisation from an outdated file server to a Microsoft Teams environment, which was security focused whilst maintaining usability. This enabled our organisation to provide continued service to the ACT community during the recent lockdown. Sasha took the time initially to understand our specific needs and was very knowledgeable and professional in his approach to our project.”

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